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eCommerce websites are all about performance. From load times to efficient checkout pages, the primary purpose of an eCommerce site is to convert attention into dollars. As a leading eCommerce website design agency, we specialise in Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify based sites, with recommendations based on the level of functionality you need and the size of your product portfolio.

We’re also quite comfortable with building custom frameworks as needed for verticals such as Insurance, Healthcare and more. Antyra is platform agnostic and we would recommend the best solution for your needs.

What’s Best for You?

Not all platforms are created equal, in our opinion, and different solutions are better suited for different objectives. For us, platform recommendations are based on three factors; features required, catalogue depth and costs.


We typically recommend WooCommerce for implementations of all sizes. The platform is also the best (in our opinion) for SEO, allowing for greater product categorization and URL structures for indexing. With complete developer freedom to customize extensively, WooCommerce allows us to create true showpieces, that perform. Backed by the WordPress platform, content management on WooCommerce eCommerce sites are a breeze.



Shopify is a dominant force in eCommerce. The platform is a ‘managed’ service with features grouped into tiers and transaction / convenience fees applied. We typically recommend Shopify for medium scale eCommerce engagements due to concerns in multi-country SEO and nested URL management that are usually required for larger enterprise grade eCommerce companies.


Custom eCommerce Platforms

Sometimes whether open source or managed cloud, the way you want to position and promote your products and services are just not possible with an existing solution in the market. In instances such as this, we go back to the drawing board and build masterpieces from the ground up. We’ve built diverse platforms such as an insurance shopping solution and a hospital website that allows friends and families of hospital patients to contribute towards the patient’s bill.

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