Photography & Videography

Storytelling through Stills and Motion

Storytelling through videography and photography in modern day requires a thorough understanding of the demands of both traditional and digital mediums. Antyra Studios is equipped for this.

Our team is proficient in modern technology and with our in-depth knowledge of visual communication, art, cinema, culture and current industry trends, and obviously, our experience, each piece that we produce works as a masterpiece on its own.

Creating thumb-stopping attention in feed environment

Why do you need jaw-dropping video/photo content? The evolving social platforms and digital entities has reduced the attention span of the consumer. To stand out in this fast-paced environment, your content should be optimised to suit all user cases (i.e. content consumed through mobile). The techniques such as design for screens, holistic approach for content and continuous testing/learning and iterating processes are what we practise at Antyra Studios, to get the most out of the produced video/image content.


What we do

  • Hospitality Photography / videography (interior / exterior / experiences)
  • Photography / Video Content for Social Media
  • Product photography for E-commerce Websites
  • Product Intro Videos
  • Interviews
  • 360 VR Photography / Videography
  • Motion Graphics
  • 2D / 3D Animations
Resort Photography
Product Photography
Food and Luxury Life style
Travel and Landscapes

Recent Work

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