508% increase in total revenue. 685% increase in transactions. 755% increase in products sold. Best Integrated Digital Campaign SLT Zero One Awards (2019)

The Challenge

Spa Ceylon has proved that a true Sri Lankan company possesses the potential to go international through their establishment of a global presence with over 90 branded stores and spas situated across the globe, in addition to stores in over 30 locations in Sri Lanka.

Antyra worked closely with the Spa Ceylon team to have a better understanding of what their main goals would be. We identified that the online store revenue has been stagnant throughout 2018. For 2019, our advertising efforts focused on:

  •   Increasing revenue
  •   Increasing visibility of specific product ranges
  •   Improving customer lifecycle & average basket size

With a wide range of products from Haircare to Wellness and Home Aroma products, we were faced with the challenge of matching the right product to the right customer.

White Rice Face Care range for radiance and face brightening
Hair Care range including hair oils, shampoos and conditioners

The Solution

Antyra looked at creating a digital marketing funnel that allows Spa Ceylon to interact with potential customers at every step of the buyer journey. Specific campaigns were set up and run focused on creating awareness, engagement and action (online sales).

There was also a need to have a good understanding around Spa Ceylon’s product portfolio, top selling products, user segments that purchase mostly from the website etc. For example there was a tendency for most users to interact with the product specific ads online and purchase the product offline through one of the local Spa Ceylon shops. In order to drive online conversions, we looked at how best we could use e-commerce tactics to encourage users to purchase online.

With continuous efforts in both paid and non-paid channels we managed to put together an integrated digital campaign focused on creating brand visibility as well as product level visibility. This coupled with additional marketing efforts such as influencer content and SEO help us quadruple the monthly revenue within a span of 8 months.

Customer journey behavior monitoring & analysis to drive conversations below
Wide variety of media types were used to reach the ideal customer

The Result

  • 508% increase in total revenue
  • 685% increase in transactions
  • 755% increase in products sold
  • Best Integrated Digital Campaign SLT Zero One Awards (2019)

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