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Strengthen Relationships;
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Email often gets equated to e-newsletters. The reality is that email marketing should be so much more. At Antyra, we look at email marketing in three distinct layers; awareness creation, conversion driven and CRM. We advocate adherence to CANSPAM and GDPR guidelines and ensure your brand is protected during email marketing initiatives. Our emails are beautifully crafted, devise optimized and presented to drive engagement and sales for you and an experience to your target audience.

Why work with Antyra Digital?

We see Emails and e-newsletter as an entry point between you and your customer to build customer loyalty. Beyond pushing automated emails that lack a human touch and received with weak enthusiasm by customers, at Antyra, we create personalized emails to bring the correct product at the correct time.

Through audits, we identify if there’s a potential to supplement your business by using emails as a sales tool and to create top-of-the-mind awareness. Instead of blindly emailing customers with the same email at each stage of the customer journey, we analyse, design and deliver emails at the right moment to deliver your product offering at the right moment. Sending emails out globally, we are conscious of different time, cultural colour preferences and seasonality.

At Antyra, we recommend our clients for remarketing, loyalty creation and to implement at the shopping cart and website level.

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