Transforming Data into ROI

Digital Analytics is an integral part of our performance-based marketing approach, tightly coupled with all marketing services. In our experience, the most common stumbling block in analytics is mapping digital metrics to real-world performance indicators. How much is that ‘like’ worth to you? Does your marketing spend translate to an acceptable ROI? We don’t presume to know all the answers, we simply ask, ‘what does success look like for your business?’ and take it from there.
Our analytics team is geared to build a structured analytics framework for your business, employing different tools to gather, filter, process and create actionable insights to give you answers.

Our Approach

We follow a five-step analytics process; the business audit, define success indicators, create a framework for measurement, gather data, analyse and optimise.

Why work with Antyra Digital?

Practically anyone can install Google Analytics. If that is the extent of your analytics requirement, we are probably not the agency for you.

We typically thrive in active environments with larger data sets and on-going marketing campaigns. We strongly believe it’s quite rare to find ‘silver bullet’ answers that translate to immediate success. It’s a painstaking process testing multiple variables, gathering data and making informed decisions. We also believe businesses don’t operate in isolation and market dynamics impact your bottom line, thus making it imperative to look at macrolevel data.

Our analytics services entail a structured approach integrating multiple tools, different testing methods and on-going reporting, mapping each data point into an overall picture. Browse through our case studies to see how we’ve helped clients increase sign-ups by 300% just by tweaking web forms, how we’ve helped grow web traffic at the lowest costs and most of all, how we’ve successfully helped clients across multiple industries double their revenue.

A minimum 3-month duration is required for an analytics engagement, while services are offered free of charge when you subscribe to three or more digital marketing services.

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