Immediate Acceleration Through Deeper Vertical Expertise

Antyra Studios, Labs and Digital work in tangent to provide a holistic approach to your marketing, negating the need to work with multiple agencies or different vendors to execute your vision.

Our Expertise on Industries

We have honed and perfected a unique set of skills, evolving continuously with the latest and greatest in digital mediums to bring best in class solutions to our clients. While we have proven time and again our ability to adapt to any industry, we’ve built a wealth of domain knowledge in certain key sectors to bring our clients that extra edge, allowing us to take a consultative approach aimed at helping you achieve greatness online.

Hospitality Marketing

We’ll work with you across your target audiences’ travel decision making cycle, from igniting the sparks of interest to converting website visitors to guests. From building your brand to telling stories in a digital world, each piece of the puzzle will receive the attention it deserves, as we help you optimise your distribution mix and hit those ADR targets.

Retail and E-Commerce

Contextual advertising based on user interest to product launches and store openings, are just a few things we’ve helped drive in the retail and e-commerce space. Our performance-based marketing approach will help you define clear objectives in terms of revenue and brand engagement with ROI measured at each stage.

Banking and Finance

We bring to the table experience in personal banking, corporate banking and financial services such as leasing to create better digital marketing campaigns and user experiences. From promoting NRFC accounts to expats, to driving engagement centric to youth audiences, we understand the need for differentiated marketing strategies for each product and service.


Insurance demands a user centric approach promoting the right product mix to the right audience. Possibly the only industry in which your customers hope to never use your products, driving growth in the Insurance sector is about building trust and positive brand sentiment. We understand this completely and will work with you to create your digital engagement strategy. We’ve got you covered! (sorry couldn’t resist the pun).


We’ve worked with multiple education institutes specialising in different spheres of education and we have gained a wealth of knowledge in creating the perfect campaign mix. From driving leads for short term courses to promoting fully fledged MBA programmes we understand the decision-making process, conversation topics and frequently asked questions to craft the right engagement mix. If you want to fill your classes and save on your lead generation costs, then here we are!

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