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Our Expertise

As a digital agency that puts a core emphasis on performance, our website design and development not only puts technology in focus but also infuses creative and digital strategies to build the best looking and technologically superior websites and apps.

Architects, Coders, UI Engineers and UX Specialists join hands with Branding Specialists and Digital Marketers to build digital products that your customers will love. Style and substance come together, creating the perfect balance, driven by continuous testing and performance optimization. Analytics is at the core of every solution, and we’ll be the first to tell you if something could be better. This approach of continuous refinement and evolution has led to multiple awards and accolades on the global stage, helping us propel our clients to the centre stage of innovation.

From website development to next gen apps and integrated systems, Antyra Labs has got you covered.

Use Case Driven Approach

The ideation process starts with a complete study of your target audience and how they will use your website, app or digital product. Creating personas and mapping a potential user journey helps us envision what a preferred solution should look like, what functionality is desired and how to create a solution people would talk about. This translates to extensive market research that tests our assumptions and helps us formulate a clear roadmap with your GTM strategy in mind.

Data Driven Evolution

We’ll be the first to admit that everything is a theory until your product is out there in the wild. Which is why we give prominence to analytics and the consensual capture of user data to validate our product decisions. Nothing should remain static and we are committed to working closely with our clients to evolve as the data demands.

An engagement with Antyra Labs will include:

  • An assigned Project Manager
  • A Software / Solutions Architect
  • A Technical Lead
  • A UI Engineer
  • A UX Specialist
  • Engineers (as needed)

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