Virtual and Augmented Reality
(VR and AR)

next-generation experiences for world-class brands

Connecting the digital world with reality

Connecting the digital world with reality

Introducing new technology often comes across as ‘gimmicky’. Something launched for the sake of being the first. Let us help you create real value for your end customers by carefully building use cases that make sense for virtual reality and augment reality. Platforms designed to ensure your customer experience goes from good to great! From animated brochures to fully realized 3D characters, we’ve got you covered.

Our Approach

How we create the best experiential virtual and augmented reality applications

Why Choose Antyra?

Have you always wanted your brand to stay ahead of the game? VR and AR solutions are the likely future and we’re here to give you a leg up. The most common uses for VR and AR are given below.

Authoritatively fabricate principle-centered vortals after process-centric “outside the box” thinking. Dynamically aggregate empowered architectures with ethical ROI. Assertively innovate client-centered platforms through enterprise information. Uniquely transition equity invested relationships vis-a-vis client-centric partnerships. Phosfluorescently fabricate world-class ideas with emerging innovation.

Compellingly strategize functionalized schemas and innovative customer service. Compellingly matrix inexpensive bandwidth without cross-unit products. Continually leverage other’s bricks-and-clicks.


Prototypes and concept development for user cases
VR and AR solutions are the likely future


In great demand for Tradeshows and agent pitching. Our 360-degree VR experiences are a great way to get everyone talking about your resort or hotel.


We create virtual fitting rooms, custom catalogues with 3D content, augmented product packages and interactive AR apps for offline stores and supermarkets.


Your customers can now experience your products virtually. Our AR feature will allow your customers to place 3D objects into their own environment, turn and move them freely which will persuade them in completing their purchase.

Marketing & Advertising

Merging traditional advertising with AR will not only transform your marketing and advertising approach but also ensure your brand reaches a wider audience. Make your print ads come alive or business cards interactive with our solution stack.

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