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We build custom Magento eCommerce websites with an emphasis on revenue generation and performance. Enterprise or Community, a unique design worthy of your brand, recommendations on product presentation, superior SEO and a comprehensive go-to-market strategy will help you monetize your website.

We build Magento sites on 1.9.X and 2.X variations for both Enterprise and Community editions. We also help brands centralize inventory management, pricing and loyalty programmes, through ERP, stock control and similar platform integration. Deployment and hosting solutions are provided as part of the engagement to ensure your ecommerce business runs smoothly.

When building an eCommerce site from the ground up, we consider usability and call-to-action management as the cornerstones of our approach. Each design first starts with an extensive study on users, target markets and behaviour specifics referred to as information architecture. This phases allows us to plan in greater detail the purpose and execution direction of your new website and translate insights in to design specifics and the development feature list. We take eCommerce seriously, a dedicated account manager and designer will be assigned to you to better understand your brand and markets to translate this understanding into dollars through on-site sales.

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