eCommerce Launch Stack

Get your eCommerce site up and running

A ground up approach to getting ecommerce right! In our opinion, ecommerce goes beyond just a website. Your product strategy, pricing strategy, shipping, service delivery and after sales support can be as important and are essential to create a successful digital brand. We will take a holistic approach to ensure all pieces of the puzzle fit and your brand is geared to make a mark, in the online retail world.

Digital Strategy


A common misconception in ecommerce is ‘if you build it, they will come’. Let us do your market research, investigate product / service demand, figure out profitability and help you create a holistic approach designed to justify your investment.

Brand Identify Development (Optional)


If you are new or your ecommerce business is a standalone initiative, we highly recommend tying your branding initiatives together with your go-to-market strategy. Your positioning, visual identify, core messaging pillars and aesthetic representation will be carefully crafted to connect both in function and in emotion with your key target audiences.

Website Design and Development


Beautifully designed, hand coded websites on Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce. Antyra’s award winning web development team will help you visualize and bring to life your home on the web. Our responsive websites will work effectively on 4-inch screens and 4k desktops to ensuring a seamless experience for your customers.

Search Engine Optimization


We will help you design the ideal information architecture for your website, creating entry points based on search behaviour and audience profiles. Each page will be optimised, ensuring the entire website has a healthy mix of discovery, engagement and conversion related keywords with monthly focus on building links and growing your reputation.

Pay per Click Marketing


ROI centric campaigns designed to propagate your brand, find new customers and convert for the lowest cost on your website. We excel at building geo-market specific campaigns across Google, Bing, YouTube, the Google Display Network and Google Shopping Centre.

Social Media Advertising


Advertising with centre around Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We will create audience segments, rank them based on lifetime value and create an advertising strategy to help discovery, engagement and conversion across your brand touchpoints.

Digital Analytics


Antyra will implement a framework customised to your business and industry, to identify what to measure, gather data and continuously optimise based on derived insights. Key customer valuation, abandoned cart optimization and analytics driven re-marketing are just a few methods to the madness.

Email Marketing


Email marketing will be used for re-targeting as well as encouraging recurring purchase habits. We generally recommend an email marketing implementation at the store level, shopping cart level and as a means to continuously ensure top-of-mind recall among opt-in customers.