92% Increase in revenue YoY
114% Increase in the number of transactions YoY
41% Increase in total traffic YoY
270% Increase in organic search traffic YoY


Zesta  Tea, which is owned by Watala Plantations is one of the top tea brands in Sri Lanka with a strong market presence in terms of revenue and volume. With Zesta’s new strategic partnership with Shangri-La Hotels, they were making their move towards the global market with their Zesta Connoisseur Range. Zesta wanted to carry their home success to a global audience and promote its premium range of teas across the global markets.

The challenge was to introduce Zesta to an international audience, create a brand presence across key markets and develop a sustainable revenue channel through an online initiative.


As a cost effective go-to market, we worked with the Zesta team to develop a fully functional online ecommerce site that would allow anyone to purchase a Zesta tea product online. We also collaborated with Zesta to develop a profitable pricing strategy for its online products and worked closely to optimize the conversion to fulfilment through the online shop.

An effective digital campaign was formulated, focused on a 360-degree integrated strategy in order to develop Zesta brand and to enable product discovery.  Search Ads, Display and YouTube advertising was used to push product discovery.

In order to effectively reduce cost per acquisition, and to sustain a long term digital presence we also focused on content marketing and SEO strategies to improve organic visibility for the site.

Email marketing was used as a channel to drive additional revenue through users who have already visited and purchased through the website, a sustained campaign was pushed to develop the email audience, based on who could be reached directly to push promotions and new product introductions.

Based on website performance and visitor behaviour, CRO strategies were implemented to introduce new category pages, call to actions and to improve conversion rates.

Channels Used

Search Advertising, Display Advertising, YouTube Advertising, eMail Marketing, SEO, Content & Blog Creation, Website CRO


92% increase in revenue since we launched the new site last year.

114% and 133% increase in the number of transactions and unique purchases respectively since the new site was launched last year.

41% increase in total traffic.

270% increase in organic search traffic.

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