11.45% Increase in Monthly Revenue 118.98% Increase in Organic Visitors 12.64% Increase in First 3 Ranking Keywords 49% Increase in Brand Searches

Challenge is the largest eCommerce store in Sri Lanka, with a strong digital presence across multiple product categories. Even with the brand’s existing online presence, there needed to be a consistent yearly growth keeping in line with the competitive environment and the increasing online penetration.

The challenge was to drive significant organic growth across its product categories, to improve overall revenue growth and to drive positive Return of Ad Spend for its digital ad campaigns.


With over 16,000 products listed on the website, had to enable product discovery through a sustainable digital strategy without being dependent on mass advertising across multiple channels.

Antyra Digital developed a holistic digital strategy combining SEO and tactical Search and Display Advertising to drive category level product discovery and conversions.

A comprehensive SEO strategy was implemented across the site, improving the overall website ranking for a large number of relevant product searches.

Tactical and personalized advertising campaigns were carried out to drive positive Return on Ad Spend in order to sustain marketing efforts.

Moreover, CRO played a crucial role in improving basket size and conversion rates to drive additional revenue through the existing visitor base.


Holistic outlook on wide array of products and markets
Tactical personalized campaign strategies which are impactful

Channels Used

Search Advertising, Display Advertising, YouTube Advertising, eMail Marketing, SEO, Content & Blog Creation, Website CRO.



There has also been a substantial increase in keywords appearing in the top 3 position and on the first page of

  • An increase of 12.64% has been monitored for keywords ranking on the top 3 results of Google searches from January 2018 to May 2018.
  • From 2015 to 2018 an increase of 118.98% of organic visitors has been monitored which led to an increase of 2.77% in revenue from organic search.
  • An average monthly increase of 11.45% in revenue has occurred from 2015 to 2018.

When looking at the average monthly search for as a brand, we have managed to increase the average monthly searches by 49% when compared to last year.