Increase in 80% of the program leads


CA Sri Lanka Business School was part of Chartered Accountants Sri Lanka, the country’s largest governing body of Chartered Accountants. With a strategic partnership with University of New South Wales, one of the key offerings of CA Sri lanka Business School was their MBA, which is recognized as one of the top 5 MBAs in Australia.

With a large number of educational institutes offering multiple MBAs at different value propositions there was a challenge to cut through the clutter and reach the right audience. The client was interested in looking at digital as a channel to drive a lower cost per acquisition compared to traditional media which had been the main channel of acquiring leads for the program.


Being a highly demanding and prestigious MBA, the qualification process for this program required  several prerequisites that needed to be met. With traditional advertising, it was not easy to reach the right audience or deliver personalized messages to the right audience.

Antyra worked closely with the client to develop personas for eligible persons for the program and to identify ways to reach them through better messaging. Facebook Advertising, Google Search Ads and Google Display Ads were used as key platforms for the lead generation campaign for the MBA program.

One of the key elements of the campaign was to A/B test ads and the target audiences. Antyra worked closely with the client to get constant feedback on the quality of the leads generated and to adjust targeting and campaign messaging accordingly. This helped achieve a better cost per lead avoiding ad budget wastage and improved lead conversion rates.

Social Media communication was used to drive awareness about the program to a more broad audience, through CA Sri Lanka’s Facebook Page. The strategy was to increase the social presence consistently and to create awareness around additional short-term programs offered by the institute. Antyra also worked on developing a landing page geared to offer concise information on the program and to drive leads.

Channels Used

Facebook Lead Ads, Google Ads, Display Ads, Web Development, Social Media Communication.


Contributing almost 80% of the program leads through digital marketing effort.

Considerable decrease in overall marketing spend.

Driving constant reduction on Cost per Lead.

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