Research Prototyping Hand Drawn Illustration Design for Range

Brief & Background

Anasa Wellness resort is located on the Saif estate in the hill country of Sri Lanka. The wellness resort serves home grown tea named after the estate. With five varieties of tea, it is available exclusively at the resort. We were asked to design a colourful packaging for each of the variations of tea and create a cohesive brand identity for the range.

Requirements and considerations

    • Identity for the collection of tea.
    • The tea lounge at Anasa resort – This is where the packaging would live. How do we brighten up the lounge with the packaging.
    • Content- Description of the resort and tea.

Design Approach

The brand identity for Saif was based on the midrib and veins of the tea leaf. A minimalistic, single width vector form of the veins that point in the direction of the brand name to bring back the focus to ‘Saif’ rather than away from it.

The tea lounge remains in between the restaurant and the entrance space of the building.
When you enter the building a guest could easily walk through the lounge not noticing the separate space allocated as part of the ‘tea lounge’. The use of bold colours would help guests to identify the range of tea from a distance and draw attention to the lounge area.

Taking into consideration the design approach taken on for the Anasa collateral and the tea lounge where the packaging would be displayed, the overall design of the label had to remain simplistic yet vibrant. The labels in itself would be solid colours that represent the contains of each variant which would then be supported by a detailed illustration of the ingredients with a minimalistic layout approach.

We believe that the combination of each of these design decisions and the overall Saif brand identity, work hand in hand in bringing out the exclusivity of the collection and fulfilling the requirements given.

Saif tea logo and label concept variation
Saif tea logo and label concept variation
Tea label layout variation
Label content that features the Anasa Resort