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Brief & Background

Create a unique brand identity and resort collateral for Anasa Wellness Resort. Anasa promises guests an authentic wellness experience infused with passion and warmth, offering the guest the possibility to explore, grow and heal. Antyra Studios undertook the task of creating a minimalistic logo that encompassed a sense of luxury and wellness.

Research & Insight:

Before we began creating, an extensive research about the property was carried out. Our first step included visiting the Anasa property. The resort harmoniously blended in with nature. There was a sense of seclusion within the premises of the resort with a charming but modern take on chalets. The concept of wellness was centred across multiple activities and experiences across the resort. From soothing walking trails through butterfly gardens to organic vegetable gardens where you can pick your produce for meals. After studying the property, our experts felt that the most important part was the experience of the resort and that needed to be translated into our design solution. A secondary research was conducted into similar brands and their approach to visualizing a wellness centred brand. We looked into how brands communicate their personalities and message through logo, imagery, and content. We studied minimalistic design concepts and aspects of design used to bring out luxury and wellness.

Design Approach:

Inspired by architectural features and the way in which the property blends itself with nature, this typographically driven identity is sleek, modern and minimal. This brings out the core of the experience received at the property along with a sense of luxury. The logo was designed with the digital space in mind. With the flexibility of breaking the logo into separate units, the logo is open to dynamic branding requirements.

Initial site visit to understand the property
Research in to every minute detail that completes the experience
Inspiration for the identity gained from the architectural structure
Different logo variations for different usage scenarios
Identity expands in to all the collaterals
Optimized for a smooth social and digital experience
Hand-drawn illustration to add the unique touch
Final detailed guideline for the identity system