Website Revenue Growth

Y-O-Y Website Revenue Growth

Resplendent Ceylon is Sri Lanka’s premier luxury resort chain. Catering to an exclusive clientele the iconic Ceylon Tea Trails resort is among the world’s top 1% on TripAdvisor. Antyra provides end-to-end digital services for Resplendent Ceylon, including the implementation of ‘Guestination’, Antyra’s Hotel Booking Engine with direct Property Management System integration.

Antyra takes responsibility for website revenue generation, working closely with the reservations and ecommerce teams to improve performance on an on-going basis. Optimizing for omni-channel engagement has allowed Antyra to focus on revenue generation at the lowest cost per acquisition. For example, a Google PPC campaign based website visitor’s rate search data is used to serve customized ads via Facebook re-marketing. Performance is monitored on a daily basis while Antyra offers on-going recommendations on new campaign initiatives.

The structured approach to revenue generation has resulted in on-going reductions in cost of sales and an increase in conversions. At the time of this publication, an average year-on-year revenue growth of 65% was maintained via the direct brand website channel.


Online rate searches on the brand website has increased by 300% while focus on conversions has increased direct online FIT revenue by 65% year on year.

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